SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA) has supplied system technology to a 54MW PV power plant located in Dak Nong Province in Vietnam.

In collaboration with its Chinese EPC customer SUMEC Complete Equipment & Engineering, Co., Ltd (SUMEC-CEEC), SMA delivered 9 Medium Voltage Power Station 6000SC (MVPS-6000-20), a turnkey solution equipped with two Sunny Central 3000SC-EV inverters and a medium voltage solution for the grid connection.

“In the center south district of Vietnam where the PV task is found, the exhibition of the inverter limit under high temperature and high moistness is of crucial significance. Because of SMA’s requesting trying methodology for focal inverters, our Sunny Central inverters are impeccably appropriate for the activity under these natural conditions. They address the interest with full ostensible power in consistent activity at surrounding temperatures up to 50°C and 100% relative mugginess”, said John Susa, EVP of SMA Global Sales and Service.

The power plant situated in Cu Jut/Dak Nong Province is created and claimed by Vietnamese nearby organization EVN-CHP. This plant is the primary COD plant created and possessed by EVN, the Vietnam national service organization. EVN is additionally the last purchaser of all sun powered power in Vietnam. The whole plant has gone into activity on April 19 of 2019. It will be entitled with a FiT of USD 0.0935 per kWh under the current sun powered feed-in levy (FiT) conspire for all the sun oriented activities appointed by end of June, 2019.

“SMA is one of the business heads, and has rich involvement in enormous scale sun oriented activities around the world. We are extremely glad to have the option to utilize its new turnkey arrangement in our undertaking, which offers considerably more power thickness in a 40-foot holder and is anything but difficult to transport and snappy to gather and commission,” said the task executive of SUMEC-CEEC.