Author: Alexander Richter


The equipment for planned small geothermal power plant for Winton in Queensland, Australia is expected to arrive soon to the project site. When ready it will be the first grid-connected geothermal plant in Australia.

The small geothermal plant to be delivered to the Winton geothermal project in Queensland, Australia has gone through successful tests in Melbourne and will soon to be shipped to the site.

We previously reported on the project, which is expected to start operation in June 2018. The plant will be the first grid-connected geothermal plant in Australia and will power a museum, local municipal facilities and assets. With the plant the local council expects to save “thousands of dollars annually in electricity bills.

The total cost of the project is estimated at AU$3.1 million or around USD 2.4 million and create about 9 full time jobs. The plant will feature two 150 kW geothermal power plants, cooling towers and equipment, geothermal heat exchangers and control systems.