Author: Nathan Jolly


The University of NSW will become the first major educational institute in Australia to become completely solar-powered. Like your calculator watch!

A new 15-year-deal with solar energy company Maoneng Australia and Origin, will see the university’s energy completely provided from Sunraysia — a solar farm currently under construction which is set to be the country’s largest.

The university will consume close to 25% of all energy created (well, harnessed) from the farm (well, futuristic sun-draining system). That’s 124,000 mega-watts a year, fool!

UNSW President Ian Jacobs tells Fairfax this is part of a larger push for the university for go energy carbon neutral by 2020.

“Over the past six months, UNSW has collaborated with our contract partners Maoneng and Origin, to develop a Solar PPA model that leads the way in renewable energy procurement and reflects our commitment to global impact outlined in our 2025 strategy.

“This agreement reflects the thought leadership coming from UNSW on climate change.”

Plus, the university will save money on the switch, which can be funnelled towards other initiatives the university has in place, such as higher education.

“It’s a highly competitive agreement financially,” Jacobs explains. “The Solar PPA arrangement will allow UNSW to secure carbon emission-free electricity supplies at a cost which is economically and environmentally attractive, when compared to fossil fuel-sourced supplies.”