Solar Philippines is investing in a 1.5-megawatt solar power project in an off-grid area in Indonesia, an official said over the weekend.

“Indonesia actually has no viable RE (renewable energy) subsidy right now but we’re actually constructing our first overseas project in Indonesia this quarter,” Solar Philippines president Leandro Leviste told reporters.

“It’s going to be 1.5 MW in an off-grid area which will be one of the biggest projects in Indonesia because the market there is very early compared to the Philippines,” he said.

Solar Philippines is putting up the solar project on the island of Borneo with a local partner.

Leviste said the Philippines had the best solar power market in Southeast Asia due to its “relatively open and free market environment.”

“Whereas in other countries, it’s pretty much government-controlled,” he said.

Leviste said overseas expansion was part of a long-term growth plan of Solar Philippines.