VietNamNet Bridge – Two new hydropower projects, including Lao Pak Beng and Cambodian Sambor, on the upper course of the Mekong River have increased the risks for Vietnam’s Mekong Delta region. Phan Van Hoa, a National Assembly Deputy representing Dong Thap province, said the Mekong Delta has suffered from the building of more hydropower plants which have seriously affected agricultural production and local life.

In the past, when there was no hydropower plant, the Mekong Delta had big floods every year which brought sand, alluvium and fish. The floods also helped reduce salinity to grow rice and do intensive farming.  The total monthly flow capacity will decrease by 6.2 percent, which will lead to consequences in aquaculture, landslides, and saline intrusion, thus affecting the lives of millions of Mekong Delta’s people.