Author: Ivan Shumkov


Australia’s Carnegie Clean Energy Ltd (ASX:CCE) said today it has redesigned its CETO 6 wave energy device, increasing its nominal capacity to 1.5 MW from 1 MW previously.

The company announced in a statement that it had won a US patent on November 6 that confirms the additional features of the new design as state of the art.

The redesigned CETO 6 will incorporate multiple moorings instead of just one in order to boost the amount of power that can be absorbed by the wave energy device. This means that multiple foundations will be required for each unit. The firm noted it has developed a networked arrangement for foundations for large-scale wave farms that allows foundation sharing.

Carnegie expects the upgraded and more cost competitive device to be able to compete with other mainstream renewable energy technologies, once it is manufactured in high volumes and deployed as part of large projects.

“Carnegie Clean Energy is determined to make our mark on the global renewable energy market with our CETO 6 wave energy technology,” said CEO and managing director, Michael Ottaviano.

The company intends to install the CETO 6 off Albany during the 2019-2020 summer weather window. It said last week it has deployed a wave buoy at the specific offshore site to measure metocean conditions.